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The Connected Logistics Centre (PLB) stands as a beacon of innovation within the government’s economic policies, unveiled in President Indonesia’s Volume II Economic Policy back in September 2015. This visionary initiative aims not only to slash logistics and transportation costs but also to catalyze the growth of local industries, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. By fostering an environment conducive to both international and domestic investment, the PLB heralds Indonesia’s transformation into a bustling hub of logistics excellence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Functioning as a versatile logistics hub, the PLB serves as a strategic nexus for importers and exporters alike. It offers a comprehensive array of amenities tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating within and beyond Indonesia’s customs jurisdiction. From secure warehousing facilities to streamlined customs procedures, the PLB provides a seamless operational framework designed to optimize efficiency and drive economic growth.

  • Versatility in product range, both inbound and outbound.
  • Flexible property options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Streamlined operational activities for enhanced efficiency.
  • Adaptable storage time frames to accommodate varying requirements.
  • Fiscal perks: Take control with self-managed storage solutions.
  • Seamless transition for terminating temporary imports.


By choosing PT. Adda Mitra Global, we offer:


Service Functions:
  1. Efficient Warehouse Management and Supply Solutions.
  2. Streamlined Regulation of Domestic Import and Export Shipping Procedures.

  3. Advanced Electronic Manifest Declaration and Truck Surveillance (GPS and e-Seal).

  4. Comprehensive Value-Added Service Offerings for Enhanced Logistics
  5. Hassle-free. Documentation Services for Smooth Operations
  6. Cutting-edge Real-time Tracking and Monitoring Facilities for Precise Logistics Control.
  7. Instantaneous Monitoring of Supply Facilities for Optimal Performance.
  8. Robust Goods Insurance Protection with Limited Liability Coverage.
  9. State-of-the-art Security Systems and Continuous Monitoring for Enhanced Safety.
Service Provision:
  1. Temporary Suspension of Import Taxes and Customs Payments until Cargo Delivery by PLB.
  2. Cost Reduction in Storage, Overtime Transportation, and Handling at Indonesian Ports.
  3. Enhanced Cash Flow and Turnover of Manufacturing Raw Materials.
  4. Expedited Logistics Delivery Time for Increased Efficiency.
  5. Comprehensive Support for Various Tasks Including Maintenance, Cutting, Inspection Surveying, and More within PLB Premises.
  6. Seamless Arrangement for Cargo Re-Exportation with Ease.
  7. Convenient Storage Options in PLB During Document Processing Periods.
  8. Gradual Cargo Release According to Manufacturing Schedule for Optimal Production Planning.


In conclusion, Bonded Warehouse is a strategic logistics practice that aligns with the principles of just-in-time inventory management, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall supply chain performance. As businesses continue to seek ways to optimize their logistics operations, Bonded Warehouse remains a valuable tool for achieving these objectives.


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